It’s My Blog’s Birthday!


How did I miss that?

It’s been a great year, though! I published the book I was working on when I started, which was obviously the big accomplishment–but I’ve also been hard at work on the rest of the series (book #2 is being held captive by my beta readers as we speak.)

I’ve posted over 200 times, everything from book reviews and book hauls to writing and editing advice, writing exercises, flash fiction, and of course, the Let Me Tell You a Story series that began it all.

I’ve met some pretty cool people through this blog, and made a few writing friends (waves frantically into the ether) and I definitely hope to make more.

My goals for the next year of blogging? Publish another book, of course! I’d also like to take a few of my less-developed post series (Books You Might Not Have Tried, for example) and dust them off, work them into regular rotation.

Thanks, readers, for all the comments and feedback and encouragement!


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