From My Art Journal #4

Art Journal Dance Macabre

Time for an update on my art journal!

I worked on this spread while listening to The Graveyard Book, hence the “Dance Macabre” quotes. I started by scribbling with white crayon (a cheap, if poor-quality, masking agent.) I filled in the pages with watercolor pencil in browns and pinks, washed them over with water, then added the words in marker once the pages had dried.

Art Journal Dance Macabre detail

I like watercolor pencils, but I’m not very experienced with them, and I think the effect I was trying for would have been more successful with actual watercolors. I’ll try again sometime, when I get some.

Art Journal Found Poetry #1

For the next spread, I played around with blue ink and more found poetry.

Art Journal Found Poetry #1 detail 1

“kissing you, thinking I was sane”

Art Journal Found Poetry #1 detail 2

“beautiful hearts blithely said evening”

Art Journal Red Doodles

For these pages, I played a version of The Alphabet Game with red doodles.

Art Journal Red Doodles detail

On each page, I scanned the text for the first word starting with A, then the next word I came across beginning with B, and so on. Once I’d gotten as far in the alphabet as possible, I doodled around the words. (They don’t make any sense, this isn’t found poetry. I was just playing.)

Art Journal Found Poetry #2

Then there’s this, the first piece of found poetry I’m actually proud of.

I don’t remember my tongue
my hair, my scalp, my head
my heart rate, my chest
the memory of fear, naked, trembling
my head, my knees, my feet
open, quiet, staying

I left a page blank to fill in later, because all of those “my” phrases jumped out at me as inspiration.

Art Journal Weekend Sketchbook Challenge #25

On Saturday, I went back with colored pencils and filled the skipped page in with a prompt from Weekend Sketchbook Challenges. It’s not at all what I consider my style–which is quite obviously intricate ink doodles, come on, you must see I’m all about fussy detail–but I like how it turned out, and it was definitely fun. When I need extra inspiration, I plan on going through the challenge back catalog, as I only recently discovered that Tumblr, so I started with #25.

And hey, I didn’t even wait five months between journal updates, this time, just two. I don’t have as much time to play with it as I’d like, but I enjoy being creative in ways that give me a break from writing/rewriting/editing.

Sometimes my brain wants to scribble!


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