The End of the Month Wrap-Up: June 2016!

This month, my blog turned 1! Hooray!

I don’t have much to report writing-wise: my beta readers are crunching on the manuscript for What We Need to Decide, I’ve started the first revision of What We Need to Rebuild, but timelines for both are still up in the air.

I read thirteen books. Go me!

I bought . . . twenty-eight? I’m pretty sure my birthday Thriftbooks order was five, then I got twenty-three at the library book sale.

So I am by no means getting ahead of my TBR pile, and I’ve instituted an actual book-buying ban on myself until I finish my reading challenges (thirty books to go!)

Most of the tasks I still have left, I already have books for; the rest I’ll get from the library, hopefully.

I have plans for my post-challenge reading agenda, but at my average rate of ten books a month, I’ll be finishing up the challenge sometime in September, so there’s time to nail that down.

I hope all you lovelies are having a good summer, and reading plenty of books!

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