From My Art Journal #5

WSC #6 hand 2

WSC #6 hand 4

With my decision to participate in new Weekend Sketchbook Challenges as they’re posted, plus catching up on the ones I’d missed, my art journal is bursting with new pages this past month, so many I’m not even going to post them all.

Just my favorites. Above are two of the five pages from the Hands challenge.

WSC #10 page 3

WSC #10 page 4

Two from the Song Lyrics/Lettering challenge. (The songs are Open Book by Cake, and Lemon by U2.)

WSC #14 page 3

From Five Landscapes, Two Colors, One Hour. (I actually finished in 52 minutes, but who’s counting?)


One of the plants I did for the Nature challenge.WSC #27 page 1

And finally, the Cell challenge — basic animal cell on the left, basic plant on the right. I had to do these once upon a time for class, complete with labels, so it was fun to do them again as art.

With the rate I’m producing new pages, I’ll try to keep doing these updates once a month. And pretty soon, I’m going to need another altered book journal–fortunately I’ve saved The Sunlit Night in my craft pile for just this purpose!


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