The End of the Month Wrap-Up: July 2016!

This month, I read twelve books and purchased none, as I’m still on a book-buying ban until my reading challenges are finished. (Though I did pick up a few free Kindle romances, but that doesn’t count, right? Not if they’re free? I’ll get to them someday…)

As far as those challenges go, I’m at 75/93, and I have most of the remaining books chosen for their tasks. I’ll have to borrow a few from the library, but oh, no, I wasn’t going there anyway, no, not at all!

Speaking of, if you missed it in the first time, I’m getting What We Need to Survive into circulation at my library! It’s still not showing up in the electronic catalog (yes, I checked,) so I don’t think I’m on the shelves yet, and I don’t know how long that process takes. But it’s happening.

The final proofreading pass on What We Need to Decide is nearly complete, then it’s formatting time, and time to contact my cover designer and start planning the release. Updates on that as soon as I have anything solid!

Until that’s done, work on revising What We Need to Rebuild is on hold, but every time I think of a new detail or realize there’s something I need to fix, I add it to the notes. I’ll be in good shape when it’s time to pick it up again.

I hope all you lovelies have had a great month and will have another one in August! I’m looking forward to finishing the BookRiot Read Harder challenge (I’ve only got one task to go) and whittling down the other two.


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