The End of the Month Wrap-Up: August 2016!

CYS 8-31-16 Read This Month

This month, I read twelve books–these seven, plus one that had to go back to the library before I got this photo, two ebooks, and Stranger in a Strange Land, which I didn’t include because I wasn’t sure I’d have it done by today!

I’m closing in on finishing all three reading challenges, with one book left for BookRiot, three left for PopSugar, and three left for ReadsTheBooks plus five non-reading tasks I have yet to tackle. Minus the one where I have to make a video (not a skill I already have, it’ll take some doing) my goal is to finish everything else in September.

I have no clue what my word count is, because I have dabbled a bit on side projects, but the bulk of this month was devoted to proofreading, formatting, and prepublishing work on What We Need to Decide, which releases in mid-September!

My upcoming writing goal is to get back to rewriting What We Need to Rebuild, hopefully squeezing in a new draft before NaNo starts and I get to dive into a different project for a month.

I hope all of you had as productive an August as I did, and if not, maybe the cooler September temperatures will help–I’m done with this humid summer, I want to wear my jeans and sweaters and scarves already!


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