This Week, I Read… (#37)


#90 – Beyond Shame, by Kit Rocha

This book’s been on my TBR since reading this article back in March. I was sold on the idea right away–consent is sexy, and while I don’t read too much stuff that skirts (or crosses) the line, I definitely wanted to support authors who make that a priority in their erotic fiction.

Oh, and it’s dystopian. Kinda my thing.

As soon as I finished this, I went back to Goodreads and added the other eight books in the series to my TBR, plus the three novellas. This world is interesting. The characters are real and compelling, and the steamy bits are just upfront about enthusiastic consent, but creative and sometimes shockingly hot.

The structure is good, too–I’m used to reading romance series that follow a large group of characters in sequence (siblings, friends, bandmates, and so on) but none of the series I’ve read so far have put much effort into overarching plot, and this clearly has. For many series, of course, that’s not the goal, to make each novel a reasonable standalone work; but here, it’s obvious there’s going to be a continuous narrative beyond just the romances, that spans the entire series.

And damn if I don’t want to find out where it’s going!

It’s a light week on reviews this time, I started Middlesex but knew I wasn’t going to finish it, because I’m gearing up for the book release next week. Expect to hear about that, and my last few reading-challenge books, very soon!

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