Love Songs Are My Favorite: Inside the Music of WHAT WE NEED TO DECIDE


With a new book comes a new playlist!

I don’t actually listen to music when I write–too distracting. (I usually listen to rain sounds, or nothing.) So this isn’t the music I wrote to, but a combination of the songs that inspired me, or the songs I hear on the radio that make me think, “Paul would sing this. Absolutely. This is his jam.”

(Spotify Playlist Link)

Be Mine – It was actually hard to chose a single David Gray song to include, because this was one of at least five I could have. The man knows his love songs!

Faster – Cheerful, sweetly sexy, and dirtier than I realized the first few times I heard it, until I started learning the lyrics.

The Living Years – Wait, not a love song? Family’s complicated.

Breathing – I always thought this song was a pretty good depiction of being in love with an introvert. You know, like Nina.

Hymn For Her – I could not have written a better song encompassing Paul’s character arc in this book. (He’s still trying to write Nina’s song, and someday, I’m going to have to, so it’s too bad Stephen Christian already did. Because he did, and this is it.)

Wanted – Wait, country? Paul may be from Kentucky, but he doesn’t sing country! (Elena doesn’t listen to country, either!) Except this wonderful little earworm is perfect for the list.

Grandma’s Feather Bed – I promise this song is here for a reason, but you’ll have to read to understand. (And just because I’m a lifelong Muppet fan, here’s The Muppet Show version too.)

The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind – Title says it all.

I Won’t Give Up – No, no he won’t.

What We Need to Decide is out on Friday! Just a little longer, everybody!

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