The End of the Month Wrap-Up: September 2016!


This month, I read eleven books. Average, for me, but what’s more interesting about those eleven books is that I finished all three of my reading challenges for the year!

(If you missed the breakdowns — BookRiot Read Harder :: PopSugar :: ReadsTheBooks)

I worked plenty on rewriting the first draft for my next book, the final entry in the What We Need series. No hard word count on that, because I’ve rewritten a few chapters more than once, so words written =/= words that remained in the draft. It’s moving forward, though.

Oh, yeah, and I published the second one. Y’know, no big deal, if you maybe want to check it out…

Over the weekend, I tackled updating my Goodreads TBR to reflect all the free romances I’ve been snatching up on my Kindle this year. My “acquired-in-2016” shelf ballooned from 87 books (almost entirely the stuff I’ve been picking up at those library sales) to a whopping 212. I had no idea I’d gotten so many! But they add up fast when you browse the free “bestsellers” every few weeks, and half the time manage to pick up boxed sets to boot.

I toyed with the idea of starting a new, shorter reading challenge to fill in the rest of the year after I discovered PopSugar does seasonal ones as well, but some of the tasks have me stumbling. A book with a pun in the title? That’s not going to be a long list.

I did some research for next year, though, and I’m probably going to do the Mount TBR Challenge, assuming it’s up again. Since I have well over 200 unread books in my possession, this seems the way to encourage me to read from my personal library, and it will dovetail nicely with any task-oriented challenge I choose. And since it will include everything I acquire before the end of the year, that means any books Santa brings me for Christmas will be fair game…

Because, clearly, I still need more books!


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