October Reading and Writing Goals


Meet my newest bookshelf.

Our TV died over the summer, and we replaced it with a larger one, which meant a new TV stand as well. The old stand was still perfectly serviceable, just too small, so of course I wasn’t going to get rid of it, and oh, look, that upper shelf is just the right size for mass market paperbacks…

So it’s my new TBR shelf. Or, most of it, the upper two shelves in the bedroom set are still TBR shelves as well.

But the great thing about this one is, it’s deep, so I can double-stack:


At least until I weed some of these out of the collection. I’ve done a brisk trade at the library, buying bags of books from the sale room, then re-donating the ones I didn’t like.


So here’s my October TBR. Not that I’ll get through all 18 books–that’s ambitious, even for me. But I updated my TBR jar, there on the left; the white stars are the remaining unread books I got in 2015, and the blue and green stars are some of my 2016 acquisitions. I pulled a bunch and built my near-future TBR from them. Plus five of these books are on loan from my mother, a.k.a. the family branch of the library system. (Love you, Mom, and I haven’t forgotten there’s half a dozen more I want to read, too. I’ll get these back to you first.)

That covers the reading goals. As for writing, I might be whoppingly overambitious, but ideally I’d like to have the rewrite draft I’m working on completed in October, so that I can dive into the new project burning a hole in my daydreams for NaNoWriMo next month. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, but it would be an awfully tight squeeze. I’ll try my hardest.

Anybody got big plans like mine for October? Or are you doing NaNo too, and want to be writing buddies?


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