Climbing Book Mountain


Because I apparently can’t wait until 2017 to start a new reading challenge, I’m diving into one now.

No, I’m not crazy. Really.

The Mount TBR Reading Challenge has several challenge levels to choose from, and signups don’t close until November 1st, so it’s okay that I didn’t find it until now!

I’m setting my sights on the smallest goal: Pike’s Peak. To complete it, I need to read 12 books from my TBR pile that I owned prior to the start of 2016. Since I’ve made shelves on Goodreads to track when I acquired books, I know I have 37 unread books from 2015, and I can think of a handful on my shelves still unread that I got even earlier, before I started using Goodreads.

I’ve got 2 1/2 months to do it, and I seem to average 10-12 books a month. So why not try for Mount Blanc, at 24 books?

Well, I’ve got five books on loan from my mother right now, and one library book. None of those will count, because they’re not actually mine. And Mom’s got more I want to borrow–she’s got The Martian, and I’m not going to wait forever to read that.

The lower goal gives me some flexibility for now–I’ll tackle a taller mountain next year!


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