NaNoWriMo ’16 Progress Report, Week 1

Word counts for the week:

  • Tuesday: 2,556
  • Wednesday: 3,609
  • Thursday: 1,870
  • Friday: 2,312
  • Saturday: 2,102
  • Sunday: 1,762

Week One Total: 14,211

I have been thinking about this story (which shall be tagged #rock star novel, lacking a proper title or even a working stand-in) for months. Literally. I’ve been daydreaming about these characters all throughout editing and publishing What We Need to Decide over the summer, and certainly this plot bunny distracted me through revising What We Need to Rebuild.

It’s a relief to finally commit these characters to paper, so to speak.

Out of context spoilers, so far:

  • A bus crash
  • Terminal liver cancer
  • Platonic snuggles at a bar
  • Sibling tension (twins, even!)
  • A road trip to California
  • Cryptic text messages
  • Waffles

The first day of the month, I was struggling to switch mindsets, from the hypercritical editing mode I spent October in, to the word-vomit mode NaNo requires. I would write for a few minutes, hate all of it, get up, try to read, abandon my book, then write for another few minutes. It was tedious and stressful and I suffered serious doubts about jumping into NaNo immediately after deadlining a polished draft of another project.

Wednesday, I hit my stride. Words poured forth without hesitation from my brain, spilling through my fingertips onto the keyboard in a flood of unpolished prose.

It certainly helps that I’ve been pondering the key points of this story and its characters on and off for months–but already I’m finding new scenes to write I’d never envisioned, because I write a scene I had, then obviously this is what needs to happen next, and it should be from this character’s perspective.

Oh, yeah, by the way, I have four POV characters, because this is an ambitious double-romance novel I’m pantsing. I thought early on it should be a duology, first one couple, then the other, but really, the love stories need to happen concurrently to make it work. It’s all going to be a glorious mess and I’m going to have a hell of a time in the rewrite phase, but that’s the point, right? First drafts can be terrible, god-awful reams of absolute crap, and still turn out to be the bones of a decent story.

I have embraced the spirit of NaNo once again. Go forth and write terrible revision fodder!


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