NaNoWriMo ’16 Progress Report, Week 3

Word counts for the week:

  • Monday: 2,726
  • Tuesday: 1,275
  • Wednesday: 1,413
  • Thursday: 2,335
  • Friday: 653
  • Saturday: 1,230
  • Sunday: 4,441

Week Three Total Word Count: 38,097

I had to write a ton yesterday to help make up for the fact that I know I will have nearly no time today, due to a loooong day at work plus Monday being grocery day for the week and things like that.

I’m beginning to see now that not only will I not be finished with this story by the end of the month (all three of my books hover around 90K words, not 50) but I might not even be done by the end of the year–with four POV characters I’ve got a lot of ground to cover, and I feel like I’ve barely gotten started, even with nearly 40K in the bag. So we’re looking at maybe 110-120K to get the story told, minimum.

I’m confident, though. I’m going to power through. And why shouldn’t a double-romance story be longer?


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