The End of the Month Wrap-Up: November 2016!

In November, I read 16 books. A few of them were DNFs, but that’s still much better than last November, when NaNo kept me so busy I only read four.

OH YEAH ALSO I WON NANO. You know, in case you’d forgotten from when I talked about it two days ago.

I got the completed draft of What We Need to Rebuild off to my beta readers, and cranked out 53K on The Rock Star Novel, which doesn’t have even the shadow of a proper title yet. Near as I can tell, it’s about half done. Maybe slightly more than half. We’ll see.

I have every intention of keeping up the pace until I finish, though there’s these pesky things called “holidays” coming up. Not only did I read more this November than last year, I was more proactive about my Christmas shopping, too–I’m nearly done.

Here’s to a happy and productive December for myself and all of my readers!


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