The Christmas Book Haul 2016


When I gave my parents a list of books to choose from for presents this year . . . well, let’s just say I didn’t expect to get this many. (I hadn’t asked for a lot of large things this year, just a few replacement kitchen items for stuff that was dead or dying. Like the electric knife I “inherited” from Mom, who got it as a wedding present over forty years ago. She let me have it because I bake bread all the time, making it super handy for slicing–but it finally died. Finally. Darned thing was older than I am.)

So I got a mix of favorites I discovered from the library that I needed my own copies of (Ready Player One, WtNV, ACOTAR and ACOMAF) and books I want desperately to read by some of my favorite authors (Seveneves, Flame of Sevenwaters, The Last Light of the Sun.)

Book Santa smiled on me this year, and the only problem is, now I have to find room on my shelves, which are groaning under the weight of my TBR books.

Somehow, I’m sure I’ll manage.

What did Book Santa bring you this year, my lovely readers? What are you curling up on the couch to read over the holidays?


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