The End of the Year Wrap-Up: 2016!

This has been a roller-coaster of a year for me personally as well as the world at large.

In January, I began my three reading challenges with great vigor and enthusiasm, leading to my Friday book-review posts. I was also slogging through a spat of creative exhaustion trying to finish the first draft of What We Need to Rebuild.

February saw me finishing it and taking a short break before diving into the rewrite for What We Need to Decide.

March is when I made my first profitable sales! Since the release of What We Need to Survive in December 2015, every dollar coming in was chipping away at the cost invested to get it published. I was so proud.

That success was thanks in no small part to #readselfpublished month in April, a Tumblr-spawned movement to support independent authors. I got myself on the circulating list and earned myself some new fans!

In May I finished reworking WWNTD and threw it at my beta readers in June, while I dug into rewriting WWNTR.

In July, I got my first novel on to the shelves at my local library! (Or, rather, I got the process started, it took a few weeks for them to actually become available. But still. I was thrilled.)

I spent most of August doing all the pre-publishing polish for What We Need to Decide, which was released in September. My second novel, hurray!

That’s also when I started finishing my reading challenges. I was done with all three by the end of September. Diligence paid off, but I was dying to read whatever the heck I wanted for a while.

That didn’t stop me from starting a fourth (short) reading challenge in October, Mount TBR, which prodded me to tackle twelve books from my pile that I’d been meaning to read. No problem!

November, of course, was NaNoWriMo, when I got to start a completely new draft of a completely new project. I ditched dystopia for rock stars! I won NaNo without coming anywhere close to finishing my draft.

It’s still not done, and December’s been a busy time for me (as evidenced by my unplanned blogging hiatus, sadly.) I’m back though! Ready to write! Ready to finish this new novel draft and get back to work on WWNTR in the new year after I hear from my betas! Ready to start new (though slightly less strict) reading challenges!

I didn’t do too shabby on the reading, in the end: here’s my year in books! I may set a higher goal in 2017 (150-175 or so) because I have a serious backlog of romance novels on my Kindle, and I can tear through one of those on a day off work, no problem. It’s going to be the read of Reading My Own Damn Books!

I hope everyone has a lovely New Year’s Eve and starts 2017 ready to make themselves and the world better, ready to follow those resolutions and work on those goals, to chase those dreams.

I started my first novel as a resolution to take myself more seriously as a writer, and look where I am now!


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