Reading Challenges 2017: More Books, More Freedom


I’m aiming for 150 books in 2017, two more than I read in 2016. Not that strenuous!

The reasoning behind the magic number of 150 is a different challenge: Mount TBR 2017. I participated (joining waaaay late) in 2016 and set myself the lowest challenge level, Pike’s Peak, a mere 12 books.


This year, suit me up, because I’m going to Mount Olympus (Mars) with 150 books!

Yes, I have over 150 owned-but-unread books to plow through. Thanks to free Kindle books and numerous secondhand sales, I actually have over 300. It’s out of hand.


In the spirit of tackling the massive TBR, I’m also participating in Beat the Backlist 2017, which is another variable-difficulty challenge. I picked 40 books out of my TBR that I absolutely will read in 2017. No matter what else gets read, these are getting crossed off the list. I chose books that finish series I’ve started (notably the Outlander, Sandman, and Dark Tower series,) series I have but haven’t gotten to yet (Fionavar Tapestry, Study) and a few notable books that have been hanging around which I’ve heard great things about and want to get to soon.


Finally, the only task-oriented challenge I intend to do in 2017: the PopSugar Reading Challenge. Last year’s was 40 books, and this year it is again, with an optional 12-book “Advanced” section. Which I am doing, of course.

I already have most of the tasks assigned, and I’ve started already with my first book of the year yesterday.

Honestly, last year the three task-based challenges became overwhelming, as I whittled down each challenge to books I wasn’t truly excited about–then reading felt like a chore. With only one of those types, plus a self-assigned reading list I am excited about and a free-for-all “Read Your Own Damn Books” challenge, I’ll never lack for choices of what to read next, without feeling forced into reading anything that doesn’t appeal!


2 thoughts on “Reading Challenges 2017: More Books, More Freedom

  1. You are so organized. Good luck with those challenges!

    I don’t think I could stick to my TBR pile, even though it’s getting huge (though not 300 books enormous). I’d feel guilty every time I picked up a book not on it and I know I will want to read books outside my TBR pile. I should probably try to aim every month to read at least one book that’s been sitting on my shelf or tablet for way too long!

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    1. I still plan to get a few books from the library here and there, I couldn’t go without saying hi to my favorite librarians all year! But yes, I’m planning to read the VAST majority of my books this year from what I already have. Though I know I’ll be buying A Court of Wings and Ruin when it comes out . . .


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