Write More 2017: The 365K/365 Day Challenge

Yes, that’s right, in 2017 my goal is to write at least one thousand words a day.

It can be on any project, it can be rewriting/editing–thank heavens, or I wouldn’t be able to participate–and according to the official rules, it can even be journaling or blog posts. It just has to be personal creative writing of some sort.

I’m not counting my blog posts as part of this, just my project writing, and so far, I haven’t missed a day. Yes, it’s early, but don’t you hate it when your New Year’s resolutions/goals get derailed right away?

I won’t be posting weekly about this as I did during NaNo–that was a month-long event, and this is the entire year. I’d get bored with weekly updates quickly, and I imagine you would to, my lovely readers!

So after this announcement and short status update, I’ll be rolling future updates into my End of the Month Wrap-Up posts, the logical spot for them because I was always (usually) reporting my word counts anyway.

As of yesterday (Day 8) my cumulative words written stood at 11,914, with a projected goal of 8K. So I’m doing great, with my minimum daily word count clocking in at 1,039 and my maximum at 2,655.

With NaNo behind me, I don’t imagine I’ll hit many 4K days like I did then, unless it’s a rewriting day sometime down the road. But it’s great to know I can still pound out the word count when I get going.

What writing goals do you have this year?


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