From My Art Journal, #7


It started here, a week early–my New Year’s resolution to keep my journal more actively, by doing at least one page in one journal every day. I was headed away for a visit to family, so why not take my art journal and a few supplies with me? I sat down with some Zentangle instructions online, tried a few things out, and found serious inspiration that’s been carrying me through since. I have far too much to share in a single post, this time, so I’ll stick to my favorites I’ve made in the last few weeks.





Eventually I found my old compass and protractor buried under some other art supplies, so I could try out mandalas as well. I see many of these in my future.


So I think it’s fair to say, finally, that my art journal posts really will be once a month, as I always intended them to be. Some months, I just didn’t have enough material to make them worthwhile, because I let my journals languish. No more of that!


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