The End of the Month Wrap-Up: January 2017!


I made four major resolutions for this year: write more, journal more, exercise more, and Read My Own Damn Books.

I’m happy to report three of the four are going well. (It’s tough to run when it’s all ice and snow outside. I’ll do better as the weather gets warmer.)

On the writing front, I have cold, hard numbers to report. As part of the 365K/365 Day Challenge, I’ve been tracking my word count vigilantly.

For January:

  • 41,078 words written (/31,000 goal)
  • Highest words/day: 2,655
  • Lowest words/day: 1,006
  • Average words/day: 1,325
  • Yearly goal completed: 11%

And almost all of that writing has been on a single project: the Rock Star Novel, a.k.a. my NaNoWriMo 2016 novel that “won” at 53K but wasn’t nearly done at all. The final version of the first draft clocks in at a whopping 115K (that’s 20-25K more than any of the What We Need books’ early drafts) and boy, am I ready to work on something else for a while!

That something else, for a few days at least, will be proof notes on the WWNTR beta draft, then when I’ve got all that in order, the actual rewriting will follow. #RockStar might have taken me longer to finish than I’d hoped, but it’s done, and I won’t let my beloved trilogy go unfinished any longer than I have to!

On the journaling front, I’m in love-love-love with my art journals, and I actually finished my first one a few days ago, the one I’ve been showing off (sporadically) since I made the darned thing last April. I’ll start sharing pages here from my new one in February, of course. I splurged on new art supplies (I have succumbed to the joy of gel pens,) and giving my right brain something fun to do has helped keep my left brain from burning out over all the writing.

My reading is also going well: 15 books this month! One I borrowed from my mother and two were library books I needed for the PopSugar challenge, so I’m actually a tiny bit behind pace for Mount TBR 2017–I’ve only read 12 of my own, which puts me behind pace for the year. But I’m focusing in February on catching up on some backlogged romances, and those usually go fast, so I’m not worried.

How’s everyone else doing on their goals for 2017, reading or otherwise?


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