Are You a Book Monogamist?


My whole life, I’ve been a book monogamist–that is, I only read one book at a time. Sure, during school I had my classwork reading and my personal reading, so I was juggling multiple books at once. But I don’t count that, because my personal reading was still only one book at a time. Pick it up, read until I was done, start something else.

I’ll admit it–for a long time, I thought that’s how everyone read. I thought that was the only way to read. Why would you want to start another book when you haven’t finished the first one?

Well, now I have a Kindle, and I don’t take it to work with me. Buuuut I do want to read on my lunch break. So now I’m a book bigamist (not that I’ve ever actually heard anyone use that term, but it’s the logical next step) reading two books at once–the Kindle book when I’m at home, and a physical copy of something on my breaks.

It’s weird, and I’m not sure I like it.

Let me tell you why this is happening. For Beat the Backlist this year, I decided to wrap up a bunch of unfinished series, including the Outlander books. I read the first one in 2015 and the second and third last year. So here I am, wallowing through the 1000+ pages of Drums of Autumn, and I realized two things: 1) I might not have it done before Friday, which would leave me without any reviews to post; and 2) I needed something to read at work.

So I’m all about catching up on my stockpiled romances in February, and I did not lack for choice. I grabbed one and oops! finished it in just over a day instead of spacing it out over several, reading it at work AND at home until I was done.

So yesterday, I needed a different non-Outlander book to take to work with me. Which I’m strongly considering DNFing.

I’m apparently bad at book bigamy, because if I pick up a second book, I want to finish it before going back to the first.

My question to any readers who regularly juggle books: why is this your style? Different books for different moods, or something else? I’m confused, because this is not how my brain is trained to read, but curious about it.


7 thoughts on “Are You a Book Monogamist?

  1. I honestly don’t know how people read only one book at a time. I usually have two or more that I’m reading. A book must really grab me for me to not cheat on it and that usually means I’ll finish it in one sitting.

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    1. Interesting. If I’m not into the book I’m reading enough to want to cheat on it with another, then I usually take that for a sign I don’t really want to be reading the first book at all, for whatever reason. I’m more liberal about DNFing books than I used to be (it helps that I have over 300 unread books right now, thank you free Kindle romances.)

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      1. I cheat even on the books I really like. I guess my attention span is just very limited. For example, I can rarely finish an entire trilogy in row – I just need to experience something else in between even if I enjoy the story and the world and characters.

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  2. I’m glad I’m not the only serial-reader here …currently I have three books-in-progress in the house, one in the car (for when I’m waiting for your father to get out of work) and one in my work purse for those days when I get a break. Most of the time I will finish the ones I start, but sometimes I go back to them and find I’m not interested any more.

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