From My Art Journal, #8


That’s how I’ve been feeling about my art lately. It’s fun, it relaxes me, and sometimes, like this page, it’s fabulous.

By the end of January, I’d finished my first art journal, in which I lovingly repurposed The Girl on the Train. A few more of my favorite pages from it:


So then, it was on to a new altered-book journal. I’ve got plans for this one.


I made it from The Sunlit Night (which I was not fond of at all) and glued an envelope to the inside front cover where I could store a self-made list of prompts gleaned from several inspirational sources. Whenever I want to “art” and I don’t already have an idea, I can pull out the list and try something that sounds like fun. It’s working well so far, and I think I’ll be doing this in all my journals from now on, art or otherwise–because there’s no reason I couldn’t use a list of regular journal prompts too in my personal journal!


The first page needed an artist’s quote, of course.





As I’d hoped, the text of The Sunlit Night is proving to be fun for found poetry.

That’s all for this installment–I had trouble choosing my favorites, I could have easily included twice as many pages–so until sometime next month for the next batch, stay creative!


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