The End of the Month Wrap-Up: February 2017!


This month marked the first time I missed a day of writing completely. I’d hoped I would make it longer than a month and a half, but life gets in the way despite our best intentions sometimes. To wit: I’m recovering from oral surgery and this is the first time I’ve touched my keyboard in three days.

(I’m fine, thank you. I just didn’t have the spoons to write or blog or anything, really.)

My February writing stats:

  • 94,747 words written/edited (/59,000 goal)
  • Highest words/day: 4,146
  • Lowest words/day: 0
  • Average words/day: 1,916
  • Yearly goal completed: 25%

As you can see, editing goes a bit faster than writing. I’m eager to get back to it.

As for reading, well, this is my best month yet in terms of the raw number of books I read: 18! I decided to make February the month of romance, trying several new authors from my massive to-read pile and clearing quite a few of those off my shelves when they turned out poorly–of those eighteen, six got two-star ratings and five got one-star. Still, I read some truly excellent books as well, more on that tomorrow when I review the second five-star romance of the month.

As for exercising, I took advantage of some of the unseasonably warm days to take long walks (especially to and from the library!) and the journaling is still going well, if more slowly than before–I’m still doing a page most days.

My goal for March is to finish editing What We Need to Rebuild and to get promotional materials ready for my second year of #readselfpublished in April!


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