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Hello, readers and fellow authors participating in #readselfpublished!

I’m Elena, I write romance, and I’ve got two books following one couple past the end of the world as they knew it.

Is there room for love in their lives when mere survival demands so much? Find out in What We Need to Survive, book one in the What We Need series.


After the plague, the world became a web of silent roads stretching between empty towns.

Paul discovered he had a knack for living on the move, finding supplies and trading them with other survivors, never staying long in one place, or with one person. But he wanted to. Life would be easier with someone to watch his back.

Nina found her own way to survive in the ruined world, but the choices she made left her guarded and mistrustful. Not a woman likely to care for a handsome stranger who falls in with her group of survivors.

Attraction can be ignored, and trust has to be earned. But the days spent searching for food and shelter, and the nights spent keeping watch, don’t satisfy their truest need…

Each other.

When danger is never far away, is love a luxury they can’t afford? What We Need to Survive captures the tension, fear, and hope of two people struggling to build a new way of life from the leftovers of the old, deciding what to hold on to, and what to leave behind.

If that intrigues you, one copy of the book is available through the #readselfpublished giveaways (here’s all of them, so many! Mine’s near the top, April 2nd, and there’s a few days left to enter.) Or dive right in with a digital copy, only 99 cents on whatever platform you prefer!

But Paul and Nina’s story doesn’t end there, oh no. The dangers of the world aren’t finished with them yet, as they travel on together in What We Need to Decide.

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Planning a future is a tricky thing, more difficult than picking the best route off a map–especially when the world lies in ruins.

Paul doesn’t have any doubts about Nina. She chose to follow him, and to love him, more every day. Life on the road will never be easy, but with her by his side, he can do anything.

Nina never hoped for much, before the plague, or after. Having Paul to love, and to love her, was more than she’d expected. No matter what else is wrong, being with him feels right, and she sets aside her armor to let him in.

But when Nina reveals her deepest secrets, Paul realizes the life he hopes to have some day might be out of his reach.

And when Paul shows her his darkest side, the piece of himself he can’t accept, Nina wonders if she’ll lose the man she loves to his own demons.

Will Paul and Nina allow the struggles of their pasts to define their future?

What We Need to Decide continues their story, begun in What We Need to Survive, following them as they face the dangers of a world that isn’t as empty as it seems, and the challenges of forging a strong bond under the worst conditions.

I do love reading romances that tie everything up in a neat Happily Ever After bow at the end, but I also love series romances that give you more time to get to know the characters before the journey’s over. Stick with Paul and Nina through theirs with What We Need to Decide, book two of the series, available here. (Paperbacks for both works available through Amazon.)

The series will conclude with the third book, What We Need to Rebuild, coming in Summer 2017! No blurb or cover to share, yet, but if you want to make sure you don’t miss the release announcement, follow my blog here or connect with me any one of these places:

Twitter :: Tumblr :: Facebook :: Goodreads

Thanks for stopping by, and continue on the tour tomorrow with Sarah K. L. Wilson!


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