The End of the Month Wrap-Up: April 2017!


It’s raining. It’s been cold and damp and gray all month, as if the weather knew my mood.

In April, for #readselfpublished, I read six books. For some people, that’s great–for me, that’s a slump. I haven’t felt like reading. I am now declaring May to be Read Whatever the Hell I Want Month. Not that I won’t be choosing books I’ve got set aside for my various challenges, but if I want to read a cheesy romance because I’m in the mood for fluff, I will. If I want to barrel through the rest of the Dark Tower series, I will. If I feel like abandoning the written word for comics (I’ve got Sandman and Preacher sitting around waiting for me) I will. Maybe it will pull me out of the slump.

That being said, I did stick to my vow to post Goodreads/Amazon reviews for all of the #rsp books I read. Reviews are vital for independent authors!

On the writing and journaling fronts, April was bad. So bad I don’t want to talk about it, it’s not going to make me feel better to beat myself up in public. Moving on.

In May, I’m promising myself to do better. I will write or edit every day, barring illness. I will journal or draw or color every day to alleviate stress and anxiety. I will exercise more days than not, including today.

It’s raining, it’s cold, and it’s gray, but I’m going for a walk anyway. Time to start taking care of myself again, and everything else will come easier.

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