End of the Month Wrap-Up: May 2017!


I’ll be honest; doing these monthly posts feels a lot less rewarding when I’m not getting anything accomplished.

This month, my family suffered another loss, and coming so quickly after the last one, my motivation has plummeted. I still think about writing, in that vague, far-off way of having ideas that never quite make it to the page. I still think about the things I should be doing, marketing-wise, to get my books to a wider audience, and to give my future books a better chance at succeeding.

But, for the moment, it’s all in the planning stages. Pushing myself to work through emotional turmoil is keeping me on my feet for my day job, but isn’t leaving much energy left for my writing work.

It will get better. It will. It just takes time.

On to this month’s stats. Writing: negligible. Journaling: almost non-existent. Exercise: getting back on track with yoga, basic bodyweight strength work, and even some running. It helps.

Reading: my only success story this month. I finished 13 books, a nice bounce-back from my April slump. I’m now just past halfway through the Dark Tower series, which is one of my major reading goals this year, and I’m working on clearing out more of my acquired-in-2015 shelf, because if I’m going to keep buying secondhand books at an alarming rate, I need to winnow out the duds. (I say this having just spent a Reading Rewards and a birthday coupon at Thriftbooks, with four books already arrived and four more on the way. Book mail rules.)

So, I don’t usually do this, but making lists my go-to organizational tool, and sharing it publicly makes me feel more accountable, at least in theory.

My June writing and writing-adjacent goals:

  1. Finish formatting What We Need to Rebuild and turn it over to my final proof editor for the last pass.
  2. Write the back cover blurb and brainstorm cover concepts to submit to my designer.
  3. Pending his schedule, get the damn book published. (This entirely depends on when he fits me in and how many rounds of changes we go through; if I can’t get completely done in June, I will move mountains to make it happen in July. I thought this book would be out in spring, not summer, but not every plan works out.)
  4. Write down all of the potential plot bunnies currently in my head and evaluate them for a next first-draft project.
  5. Reread my NaNo ’16 novel (that’s #rockstarnovel, to those of you who were following me through its process) and decide how to proceed. I originally intended it to be a standalone, but now I’m not sure. I have serious concept blocking to do if I want to add a second book, or maybe even more. I’m honestly not sure at the moment.
  6. Keep up better with my thrice-weekly blog posts. I’m doing well at Friday’s book review posts, but I’m slacking with Monday/Wednesday. Understandably so, in these circumstances, but I need to get my work ethic back on the rails.

If you’re still with me through all of that, thank you for your support. I’m not the type to splash my personal life all over the public arena, but the kindness and encouragement I’ve gotten from my readers and fellow authors when I have has been nothing but helpful and heartwarming. So this is me saying, I’ve had my wallow, and I needed it, but now it’s time to get back to work.

I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow with this week’s batch of book reviews.


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