From My Art Journal, #9

Lace 3-25-17

Though I didn’t care for the book at all, the cover of Symphony was too awesome not to be repurposed for an art journal page.

Lace 6-11-17

she feels as the society acts

This small slip of paper fell out of the first chapter about Hatsue in Snow Falling on Cedars. I have no idea who owned the book before me, who wrote that, but I liked it, so into the journal it went.

Lace 6-12-17

Always looking for new ways to use Zentangle patterns.

Windflower 6-12-17

I’ve made time in the last few weeks to start “real” drawing practice again, using exercises from The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I got a copy of the original edition from Thriftbooks and started working through it last fall, but fell out of the habit as the holidays approached. The binding of the book was crumbling, pages falling out every time I touched it–so when I discovered a pristine copy of the updated edition at a library sale, I jumped on it, and here I am, doing hand studies again.

Lace 6-13-17

I liked that particular exercise so much I did it again in my altered-book journal. Extra practice is a good thing.

As much as I want to get my nose back to the grindstone with writing, focusing on honing a different skill has done me good, helping with the long climb out of depression and grief. I’ve always been told I’m good at art, in a general way–I’ve taken art classes and earned good grades, back in school–but none of them were specifically devoted to drawing, and whenever I see one of those 30-day drawing/painting/art challenges and the first day is (nearly) always “self-portrait,” I cringe. I’m terrible at faces. That’s what enamored me of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain when I first heard about it–the ultimate goal is portraiture, building up from learning the fundamental mechanics of engaging the right brain’s ability to “see” things instead of the left brain’s incessant need to “name” things.

And, honestly, I hate being bad at things, so it frustrated me to feel like I was “good” at art without being “good” at drawing.

So there you have it from my artsy side, I’ll be back on Wednesday with something much more book-related, and Friday, of course, with this week’s book reviews!


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