End of the Month Wrap-Up: June 2017!


I’m running again! Not as often as I’d like–the heat and humidity have been brutal the last few weeks–but it feels so good.

Other parts of my life are looking up, too. I’m still not as close to publishing What We Need to Rebuild as I’d like, because other obligations have cut back my working time on it. But I am working on it, just slowly. It’s better than feeling completely cut off from writing!

In June, I read 14 books. No more reading slump for me!

Halfway through the year, though, I’m not halfway through my reading challenges. I’m doing fine on the PopSugar tasks, with 37/52 read, well over half-done.

For Beat the Backlist, I’m right on pace with 20/40 read, and I’ve got my immediate TBR planned to knock off some of those series on the list I’ve been meaning to finish.

But Mount TBR 2017, in which I pledged to read 150 of My Own Damn Books? I’m only at 69/150. I’ve been good, in that I’m not going to the library and picking up reading material that won’t count (and also not buying more used books from the sale room to add to my out-of-control physical TBR) but my mother (hi, Mom!) keeps lending me books she thinks I’d like, and she’s right, and then there was a specific task in PopSugar to read a book published in 2017, so obviously that didn’t count, and so on…

But in June I also came up with a personal alternative to a book-buying ban, which has never worked for me, and this plan should help motivate me to clear off some shelf space, both physically and digitally. More on that on Wednesday!

How did your June go? Read anything amazing you want to tell me about? Reach your reading or writing goals? Let me know in the comments!


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