Bookish DIY: Bookends From Tea Tins

Bookend - Earl Gray Tin    Bookend - Cardamom Tea Tin

Or whatever tins you like, really. If you don’t drink tea, there’s Pirouline or other cookie tins, and you can usually find a wide variety of tins at thrift stores.

What you will need:

  • tin(s) of choice with lids
  • plastic bag(s)
  • rice

Bookend - Materials

You can use whatever type of bag you have handy–I use the cheap bread bags that come with twist ties, because I bake a lot and zip-top bags that big are expensive! But those would be fine too (you might have to squash the zipper down to get the tin to close) or you could even use plastic shopping bags, though I’d check them for holes first, they’re easily damaged.

Also, you don’t have to use rice–dried beans would work well, too, or anything heavy and cheap. You could use sand or dirt or gravel, if you wanted to head outside and scoop some up–but I had a lot of rice on hand, and if it spills on my carpet, it won’t be as hard to clean up as dirt would be.

Bookend - Process

As for the actual DIY part, it could hardly be easier. Open the tin, insert plastic bag, and fill’er up. Seal the bag shut (knot it, or use a twist tie, or zip it), tuck the top down and put the lid on. You’re done!

Bookend - Irish Breakfast Tea Tin


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