COVER REVEAL: What We Need to Rebuild!

eBook cover

The third and final installment of the What We Need series will be released on August 14th! Just one week from today!

When Nina wakes in an unfamiliar room with a doctor watching over her, she realizes Paul’s desperate plan worked. She’s alive. Weak and still injured, but alive.

Only Paul isn’t there with her.

Surrounded by strangers she doesn’t trust. Her precious pack with all her possessions, gone. If she wants to find Paul, Nina must gather her strength and find a way to resupply herself.

Or she could stay. She could rest and heal. She could forge new friendships and settle into a way of life that promised structure. A life that seemed far less dangerous than the one she’d be giving up.

But can any place truly be home without Paul?

As with the previous books, paperbacks will be available through Amazon, and digital editions available through all major retailers.

In addition, a digital boxed set will be available for newcomers to the series, all three books together at a discounted price!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with the book’s music playlist, a tradition I wouldn’t dare give up now…


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