This Week, I Read… (2017 #30)

98 - The Dark Tower

#98 – The Dark Tower, by Stephen King

Really, it’s more like 2.5 stars. It’s better than Song of Susannah, though not by much–it shares many of the same flaws.

The pacing sucks. TDT plods along, spending way too much time introducing new minor characters and minor antagonists and fleshing them out, only to have them exit the story soon after. I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE OLD LADY WHO DRIVES ROLAND AROUND IN THE “REAL” WORLD BECAUSE HE CAN’T DRIVE HIMSELF. I JUST DON’T.

And, without getting too much into spoiler territory…Mordred. What was the point of him existing at all? He never did much of anything. Sure, he offed two characters, but a) one didn’t necessarily have to die and b) the one that did met a spectacularly disappointing end at Mordred’s hands. I was truly let down by that.

In fact, I was let down by pretty much all the character deaths and departures. Only one actually made me tear up a little, and the others simply fell flat.

What was good, though, was really good. Even if it took me eight days to get there, I actually really enjoyed the ending! It felt satisfying in a bittersweet way that appealed to my sense of balance. And really, that was the only end that made any sense for Roland. As for everyone else, it was just sweet, without the bitter.

So, at the end of this seven-book journey, am I happy with the series as a whole? No, not really. Book 1 was weird, 2 and 3 pretty good, 4 ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, 5 okay, 6 terrible, 7 only slightly less terrible. While I was still reading, I told people I was happy I didn’t have to wait years in between installments, and I was–but now, I’m even happier, because it makes my disappointment more bearable, that I wasn’t waiting years for this.

99 - Again the Magic

#99 – Again the Magic, by Lisa Kleypas

This felt bland compared to the other Kleypas books I’ve read. Granted, that’s only the first two in the Hathaways series–but this lacked the emotional depth and characterization I was expecting. It’s an earlier work, so I guess she’s improved over the course of her career, which is understandable.

Also, oddly, I liked the secondary romance plot (Livia and Shaw) much better than the primary couple, Aline and McKenna. Too angsty for me, I guess.


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