NaNoWriMo ’17: Progress Report, Week 2

The week’s word counts:

  • Day 8: 1,150
  • Day 9: 2,002
  • Day 10: 1,459
  • Day 11: 2,053
  • Day 12: 4,011
  • Day 13: 1,471
  • Day 14: 2,516

The benefit of being far ahead in the first week is that when real life interferes during the second week, I have a savings account of words I can still dip into.

The total word count at the end of two weeks is 35,590, which is almost 8K ahead of my higher-than-average goal of 2K/day, which is 28K at this point.

If I can keep this pace up, I’ll break my record for wordiest NaNo novel, from 2015!

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