End of the Month Wrap-Up: November 2017!


In November, in case you missed it (har har) I won NaNoWriMo! I worked on an entirely new project about a small town of non-hierarchical wolf shapeshifters. Two of whom are falling in love.

With the 60K+ I wrote (my non-official count according to the document stats is just about 61K) I’m not even halfway through the story. Not that I think this is necessarily going to be a long, long novel–just that I’m front-loading a lot of angst and worldbuilding that will undoubtedly be shortened, moved, or cut during the editing process.

But as I still have about half the story to go, I’ve got to keep writing! I gave myself the first two days of December off, because breaks are a good thing, but I’m taking advantage of the personal goal trackers one can enable on the NaNo site to institute at least 1K/day throughout December. I should be able to manage that even with holiday shenanigans, and of course I’ll be visiting family for the holidays/my own personal writing retreat for a week mid-December. I’m so productive there!

As for reading, I read twelve books this month, which blows last year’s measly four out of the water. Of course, last year I wasn’t desperately trying to finish Mount TBR – Mount Olympus (Mars): 150 of My Own Damn Books read!

(I actually have finished, as of yesterday, but that’s a separate post since it didn’t happen in November–look for it on Wednesday!)

And now it’s confession time: in November I went to the library twice, and that part of it’s a good thing, since I’ve hardly gone all year due to Mount TBR–the first time I dropped off eight books as a donation, but came home with thirteen more from the book sale room; the second time I was there to pick up a book request I need for this season of Crash Course Literature, but I hit the sale room again and found fourteen more books. And I ordered a few free or 99-cent romances off Amazon. And I have four books from Thriftbooks coming. And I gave my mother a list of about a dozen books I could use for Christmas…

All this has led to me still having acquired more books this year than I read, with the potential for a handful more.

Which means I signed up for Mount TBR 2018, again at the Mars-150 book level. And I’m running the Expand Your Horizons challenge. And I’ve already got an idea list for the PopSugar challenge. And since I’m already doing those three, I suppose I should take a look at the BookRiot Read Harder challenge list, which I skipped this year…

But I definitely missed going to the library, so I’m going to make more room in my reading schedule for that.

Here’s to a successful month, and I hope I have as productive a December, and that all of you do as well!

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