End of the Month Wrap-Up: January 2018!


I didn’t start the year as well as I’d hoped.

On the writing front, I picked my project–rewriting my NaNo ’16 novel, the rock-band romance–then did the reread and note taking, but failed to actually start rewriting. Part of the problem is that the whole thing needs a massive overhaul, and more specifically, the beginning needs radical reworking. It’s difficult to get started.

Especially when I spent over half the month wallowing in illness. Since I’ve recovered from the bronchitis, I’ve made a far greater effort at self-care: consistent exercise, lots of water and herbal tea, naps when I need to. I don’t feel entirely myself again yet, but it’s helping.

On the reading front, my illness provided tons of extra time for books. I read 18 this month! I read all four books I’d planned on for my Expand Your Horizons challenge; seventeen of those eighteen counted for Mount TBR; and the one that didn’t was for the PopSugar challenge, as well as several of the others. My February Horizons TBR is ready to go, and I’ll be shooting for at least twelve books read for Mount TBR, to keep pace for finishing by the end of the year–no cramming!

On a more personal front, I’ve been struggling some with my depression, undoubtedly due to the stress of my illness and how it has set me back in my enthusiasm for my goals this year. In addition to the regular exercise, I’m suddenly all about my art journal again, so I expect to be reviving my sporadic post series on that, hopefully turning it into an actual monthly feature, if I’m creating enough content consistently for it.

Here’s to a better and more productive February!


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