The Book Robin Hoods: And So It Begins!


I introduced you to The Book Robin Hoods last month, and since then, I’ve sent out over a dozen review copies of What We Need to Survive to interested bloggers. Some contacted me, some I asked! (Note to self: get back to that. Writer, promote thyself! I could be sending out more books…)

I’m excited to say that my first BRH review is in!

Wow, just wow! So when I stumbled across this book it sounded very intriguing and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed by its content. What I probably liked the most was that the characters are in the focus. Sure, as a reader I want to know why the world is in its current state and there are still some unanswered questions left of which I hope will be answered in the sequels. Yet I loved to see how the characters, especially Paul and Nina, grow, mature and deal with this inconvenient and scary situation. How they build relationships and friendships even though the next day might be their last one. You never know as everything is uncertain and blurry. This book jumbles with the importance of values and materialism. What DO you need to survive after the epidemic plague wipes out 95% of the American population? What is important, what loses value? I loved how this story really got me thinking about such questions however, I was glad to return to our own rather safe and not plague polluted world. After all, we don’t know what the future holds and imagining such a world as in “What We Need To Survive” is scary, thought-provoking yet somehow important and essential in my opinion. I can definitely recommend this wonderful story with a very satisfying ending at least I thought so. Personally, I cannot wait to dive into the sequel “What We Need To Decide”!

Since they were so excited, and willing to keep reviewing, I sent What We Need to Decide along as well–I need reviews for books two and three even more than book one, but since you have to read them in order…

[I don’t regret writing a series romance at all, but it does make it more difficult to market the later books. Definitely considering a looser structure and/or stand-alones in the future.]

So, writer friends, this is a great resource. Getting book reviews without paying an arm and a leg can be tough, and here we have a growing community of passionate readers who are excited about supporting independent authors. We need to be utilizing it!

If you haven’t checked it out, go and become a member, apply to have your profile added. Or just research the reviewers on offer and contact them directly about your work! Everyone I’ve corresponded with has been lovely, so there’s really no risk, even if they turn you down.

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