Writers, Watch This: Overly Sarcastic Productions

Thanks to a discussion on Tumblr about various writing-related Youtube channels, I have a new recommendation to share, one I’m quite excited about: Overly Sarcastic Productions.

I dove straight in with the Trope Talk series, as it’s the most specifically geared towards writers, but there’s also several “[X] Summarized” series: Shakespeare, Modern Classics, History, Legends, and Miscellaneous Myths. All of which would also be useful and interesting, because as the “Write What You Know” Trope Talk says, you can always expand what you know!

I’m looking forward to watching more, because I love hearing people talk about writing, deconstructing media that works, or that doesn’t, and explaining why (the Realism video has some fascinating and piercing things to say about the modern DC Cinematic Universe), or geeking out about anything that interests and excites them. Which OSP has in spades!

If you have any recommendations for me of Youtube channels I should check out, or any other neat writing-related thing on the Internet you think worth my time, let me know in the comments!

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