From My Art Journal, #10

Lace Journal 2-7-18

It’s been a long time since I shared any of my art journaling here, but most of that was because it had been a long time since I’d done any. In an effort to streamline my blogging a bit, and feel less like I’m scrambling to get post ideas, I’ve blocked out a rough monthly schedule, and there’s room in it for an art journal post!

I think it’s important for writers to have a creative outlet other than writing, to turn to when inspiration is low, or the block is tough, or there simply isn’t the energy for words. I’ve been feeling that way off and on lately, and now that I’m doing it again, I think art journaling is good choice for me in particular because even though I do share my work, I don’t feel nearly the same level of perfectionism about it, or worry about it being judged the same way my novels are judged. It can be weird and quirky, even downright bizarre, because it’s smaller and freer than writing, with so many fewer expectations attached.

And now that I’ve poured out my heart about it, on to some more pictures of what I’ve done!

Lace Journal 2-15-18

Lace Journal 2-16-18

Lace Journal 2-17-18

Lace Journal 2-18-18

Lace Journal 2-22-18

Lace Journal 2-25-18

…because, yeah, why not a little Sandman joke, since I was lucky enough to come across artwork of Morpheus in an issue of Entertainment Weekly?


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