Readathons Are My Jam

Bookwyrm TBR

This week I’m participating in the Bookwyrm Readathon. As of yesterday, I’ve finished The Goldfinch (which I’d already been reading for several days) and I’m about 150 pages into Big Breasts & Wide Hips. For a week-long readathon, my TBR pile is ambitious, but you see…

I did another readathon at the beginning of the month, where I picked out these two books–

Goatathon TBR

–read one, DNF’d the other, and went on to read four (!) romances in an effort to clean out my Kindle a little.

So this time, I wanted to have more on my plate than I honestly thought I could finish.

I’d never participated in a readathon, never even heard of a readathon until I joined the booklr community on Tumblr, and now, they’re my favorite event, whether they’re a week or more, several days, or even just a weekend.

I love the idea that a whole bunch of book nerds like me are devoting as much time as possible to reading in that span. I love the idea that the friends I’ve made online could be reading at the exact moment I am. (Which I’m sure they often are, but the readathon makes it more likely, you know?)

I love everyone showing off their planned reads, and even more than that I love talking to people about them, when I see someone’s going to read a book I love. And by happy coincidence this time around, one of my mutuals is also reading The Goldfinch this week!

Reading slumps don’t hit me often, but in the past I’ve found readathons to be a great way to get excited about and motivated to read again. Something I need right now, as a lot of my recent reads have been lackluster.

If you’ve never done a readathon before, and this frenzy of reading camaraderie sounds good to you, take a look around your social media and see what your fellow book nerd friends are doing. And if nobody’s running one, you could host one yourself! They don’t have to be elaborately themed (though I admit the current one I’m doing is)–just an agreement to read as much as possible in a specific time frame, and talk to each other about it. Make new friends! Get tons of book recs! Find new authors to try!

And most of all, have fun!

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