Bookish DIY: I Tried to Make a Pair of Bookends

DIY Fabric Bookend

It’s not bad enough to qualify as a Pinterest Fail, but see how there’s only one?

I’m always on the hunt for cool things I can make to liven up my shelves and my book photography. This tutorial from Design Sponge seemed simple and straightforward enough, something I could put together easily in an hour, and if I liked it, make infinite versions in whatever fabric I wanted. Right?

Always read the comments before you start. When I stuffed the first one full and prepped to sew it, I looked at it and thought, “this isn’t a pyramid at all?” One side was far, far longer, skewing the point backward. Turns out I wasn’t the only one with this problem, and I compensated by simply turning in the fabric much farther (maybe 3″ instead of 1/2″) before sewing.

Then it was nearly impossible to get my machine to sew the seam, because there was this huge, weighty sack of lentils + stuffing (I’m out of rice!) that didn’t fit under the machine’s arm. After several false starts I ended up stitching it by hand, which was not only easier, but faster than fighting the machine. Only the tutorial would never say that, because machine stitching is always faster, right?

I did not bother making up the second one I had cut out. (No loss, really, the fabric came from the sleeves of a jacket I picked up at a 50-cent sale.)

I love the idea, and in all honesty, I probably will make more, eventually. It is really cute. And it does hold up my books. But I may have to do some experimenting with the size, and if it works, I may just have to write my own tutorial.


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