From My Art Journal #13: Second Altered Book Complete!



It started out life as one of the books I won in a Random House giveaway back in 2015. I read it in 2016 and didn’t like it, but I was just getting into altered book journals, and it had a lot of art-related words in it, so I turned it into one in 2017. For the last year and a half, I’ve been filling it with all sorts of nonsense.

Lace Journal 8-17-18Lace Journal 8-18-18Lace Journal 8-19-18

The last three page spreads that finished the book! I can’t believe I left the journal hanging, so close to done, for three months.

Lace Journal Finished

The final thickness didn’t end up much greater than the original; I was pruning pages all the time to account for everything I was adding, and while I love seeing other artists’ journals stuffed until they’re yawning, I keep my finished journals on the same shelves as my regular books, so I need them to be as close to flat as possible.

So what’s next? I have one more full-size altered book journal ready to go, but I’ve got a mini one already started that’s devoted to found poetry; a handcrafted mini journal to fill with art; the “found” small journal I discovered last month; and just recently, I bought an imitation “Wreck This Journal” style journal that I, of course, started immediately on. So I might try to wrap up one of those (which will take a good long while) before I dive off another new-journal cliff.


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