End of the Month Wrap-Up: November 2018!


In November, I read ten books, which was more than I’d hoped for with NaNoWriMo going on–my goal was only eight. Good for me!

Also, I “won” NaNo with one day to spare and finished the final day with a total word count of 52,026. Not my best showing, but I did win, and that makes this a four-year streak!

What I did not actually finish was the story, even if I made the word count goal. I’m actually in the middle of writing the final chapter today.

Other November stats:

  • Six books cut from my TBR
  • Forty (!) books added to my TBR
  • Nineteen books (both physical and digital) added to my collection (yeah, the book-buying ban is over)
  • Twenty-three books donated to the library for resale

My plan for December:

  • Take most of the month off writing;
  • Bake all my Christmas cookies;
  • Read the final four book selections for Expand Your Horizons;
  • Read eight more “old” books from my pre-2018 collection to finish Mount TBR 2018;
  • Check off the last two tasks I have remaining for the PopSugar Reading Challenge;
  • And spend the rest of the month reading the Christmas romances I’ve accumulated over the past few years but haven’t gotten to. I really do feel like I can only read them around Christmas.

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