Getting Serious About Series #2

My original post about this was a year and a half ago, and I never updated! Silly me!

Anything I’ve completed in the time since will get a strikethrough, and new entries to each category, or entries that changed status, will be listed in red.

Waiting for the Next Book to Be Published

I Own Them But Haven’t Read Them All Yet [read/total]

I Own Some But Not All [read: unread: unowned]

I’ve Read the Ones I Own But Not the Rest

I Own The First One (or More) But Haven’t Started Yet

So… yeah. I finished a lot of the series I was partway through (Preacher being the notable exception) but managed, with the help of Thriftbooks especially, to gather many, many more series books to me in the past year and a half.

My series priority for this year was the Hainish Cycle, and I’m one owned book away from finishing; it’s a high priority on my TBR this month.

One of my reading goals for next year is the entire James Bond collection, which I have finally managed to acquire fully; I found the final two first at one book sale, then #7-12 together at a later book sale, before finally buying the rest from TB since I wasn’t having any crazy luck like that again locally.

I’ll try to remember to check in on my progress sometime next summer!

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