My 2018 Reading Stats: One Last Post About Last Year

Two of my acquaintances on Tumblr did posts like this (heretherebebooks and logarithmicpanda,) and I shamelessly stole the idea, tweaked it to suit my reading habits, and crunched the numbers.

Total Books Read: 182

Books by Women: 138 (75.8%)

Books by POC: 26 (14.2%)

LGBT+ Books: 18 (9.8%)

Romances: 73 (40.1%)

Rated Five Stars: 27 (14.8%)

Rated One Star: 52 (28.5%)

Did Not Finish: 28 (15.3%)


  1. I was a harsher critic last year than in previous years. I didn’t do my full 2017 stats, but out of curiosity I checked them for Rated One Star and Did Not Finish: both were significantly lower (19.7% and 10%, respectively.)
  2. Plowing through so many of the romances I’ve collected boosted my Books by Women stat, for sure, but lowered my POC/LGBT+ reading. The bulk of my collection (and of the genre in general) is MF romance written by straight white women, and it shows in my numbers. My romance collection is still pretty large, but I should definitely make more of an effort to read diversely both inside and outside the genre.

I’ve added simple tick boxes for these categories to my 2019 master spreadsheet (yes, I’m that big of a book nerd) so compiling this year’s stats will be much easier when the time comes–I was paging through my read-in-2018 Goodreads shelf and counting each category on each page, which involved a lot of math.



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