Bookish DIY: Fabric Corner Bookmark

Fabric Corner Bookmark 1

It had been a while since I’d made any new bookmarks, (or done any sewing, for that matter,) so I pawed through my fabric stash over the weekend and turned out a new model, using this tutorial.

I’ve seen corner bookmarks around a lot in book photography, but I’ve never used one, and I was curious. Would I like them better than the more traditional style?

Short answer: no.

The tutorial was easy to follow, and the finished product only took me fifteen minutes. I have no issue with the construction of the bookmark, and since there are a million cute fabrics out there to choose from, this style of bookmark definitely gets a high score for customization and Aesthetic Potentialâ„¢.

But it’s bulky. Even made from my thinnest quilting cotton and thinnest interfacing, it’s still kind of huge.

Fabric Corner Bookmark 2

Here it is, being shown on The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I grabbed two books off of my unread shelves mostly for the color coordination, but they make decent example cases. Perks is a smallish, but not mass-market, paperback. Its pages are flimsy, and the weight of the bookmark, which seems like nothing on its own, is way too much for these pages to handle.

Fabric Corner Bookmark 3

Okay, so how does it hold up on a standard hardcover instead? Flight Behavior makes it look great on the open page–the size of the bookmark is far more suited to a larger book. Inserting a single page into the corner, even with the heavier, higher-quality paper, still seems risky, but wrapping the fabric over a thin sheaf of pages instead seemed to work well.

I thought this was going to turn out all right in the end–I could certainly reserve this bookmark for hardcovers only. Then I did the book-in-the-purse test several times; most of the books I read will travel with me somewhere.

This bookmark failed miserably. It came off when I put the book into my purse. It came off when I lifted the book out. It came off when the book was jostled around inside the purse as I moved.

The extra thickness separates the pages so much that mere friction won’t hold the bookmark on against the forces of gravity or agitation.

Conclusion: it’s adorable but impractical.

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