The March + April 2019 Book Haul!

Spring 2019 Book Haul.JPG

Courtesy of two library book sales, and a stop at both Half Price Books and Barnes & Noble on the first night of our vacation, when we didn’t have any other plans except crash in the hotel before doing more driving the next day.

  • Geist and Spectyr, by Phillippa Ballantine
  • Cell; Full Dark, No Stars; and Dreamcatcher, by Stephen King
  • So I’m a Spider, So What? by Asahiro Kakashi
  • Homegoing, by Yaa Gyasi
  • Red Rising, by Pierce Brown
  • Ancillary Mercy, by Ann Leckie
  • The Inexplicable Logic of My Life, by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • The Japanese Lover, by Isabel Allende
  • Fool’s Quest, by Robin Hobb

All over the place in terms of taste and style, as usual when I’m buying (primarily) used books. Some are titles I’ve had my eye on for a while and got lucky enough to find. Others simply sounded interesting. And then, of course, I buy every Stephen King novel I find because it’s impossible to tell ahead of time which ones I’m going to love and which I’ll DNF, but on the whole, I do love King, so I’ll try them all. (These three bring my owned-but-unread King novels to 14. I’ll get to them eventually.)

On top of all that, yesterday my Kindle pinged me for World Book Day, so I picked up nine free works they’d selected from around the world. Which reminded me I still haven’t read any of the ones I got last year. My TBR might actually be approaching out-of-control status.

This brings my total acquired-in-2019 books to 54–precisely the same number of books I’ve read so far this year (as of this Friday’s book review post, anyway.) But that doesn’t mean I’m breaking even–17 of those read books were borrowed from the library or elsewhere, so my collection has actually grown slightly. Which is NOT the goal.

I’m not abandoning my Virtual Mount TBR Challenge, not yet, but to get the new physical books onto the shelves, I had to make a decently large TBR pile to bring out to the living room. I need to read and unhaul some of the stuff I have!

But I’ve proven time and time again that I don’t have the discipline to stick to any long-term book bans, so for now, I’m only cutting myself off for a month, until my Thriftbooks coupon shows up for my birthday.

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