A New Bookmark Revelation

Owl Bookmarks

I’ve complained before about some styles of bookmark after I attempted to make and use them. Corner bookmarks, not my favorite.

I don’t have anything against traditional, thin, stick-it-between-the-pages bookmarks. They’re readily available, cheap or often free, easy to make if you want to DIY and they are limited only by your imagination if you want something fancier.

However, I do have a tendency to take the bookmark out of my book, set it down while I’m reading, and manage to lose it. Especially if I’m in bed at the time, it will turn up three days later in the covers somewhere, crumpled or bent.

These adorable owl bookmarks came home from vacation with me as well as the book haul, and now that I’ve tried magnetic clip bookmarks, I’m in love. They don’t fall out. I can still lose them if I’m dumb and set one down in a random place, but it’s easy to secure to a different page in the book and not lose it, whereas regular bookmarks, if I did that, always wanted to slip out.

And while I happily turned over $5 for four little owls because owls are superb, and because I was on vacation and splurging anyway, this style of bookmark is easy to DIY as well with a few inexpensive supplies. So I might very well be making batches of these as gifts for all the book lovers in my life as well as for myself. (I tried to gather tutorials to link, but honestly, they’re all just “put adhesive magnets on paper, boom, it’s a bookmark.” Some were fancier and others plainer, some used die cutters or washi tape or stickers, but the basics were always paper + magnets = bookmark.)

Honestly, I’d just been so negative about bookmarks the last time around, I wanted to spread the joy. Give them a try if you haven’t already, they’re fantastic.

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