End of the Month Wrap-Up: April 2019!


I had a lot going on in April, with the new job and all. Which is going well! But I’m not here to talk about that–I’m here, as always, to talk about how well I did on my reading and writing goals this month.

Reading: Yay! Even with my decreased free time, I still managed to read nine books in April. I was hoping for at least two a week, and I did it. With full reviews, still.

Writing: Meh! My mandatory half-hour of writing time quickly got lost, as did my motivation to rewrite #spookyromancenovel. However, when I realized I could sneak in a paragraph here and there during downtime at my job, I squeezed out about 6K on an old project (my unfinished NaNoWriMo 2017 novel, surprisingly enough) and have definitely been spending plenty of quality daydreaming time on where it’s going.

The Life Reboot in General: Semi-successful! I haven’t been meeting my exercising goals either, but I’m still eating healthier.

Overall Mood: Tired, but hopeful for May. Still want to read at least two books a week, which will be eased by a new Mini Challenge from one of my Goodreads groups, The Reading Frenzy–“Try a Chapter.” I committed to reading at least the first chapter of five books (in my case, five romance novels languishing on my Kindle) and deciding whether to keep them around or chuck them. If you saw my book review post last Friday, I’ve already shot one down!

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