End of the Month Wrap-Up: June 2019!


Quick, somebody toast me!

June was fantastic. June saw me getting more comfortable at my day job. Exercising more. Eating better. Feeling good.

In no small part, because I finished the rewrite of #spookyromancenovel.

Writing: Yeah, you heard me. This draft is done. It grew from 97K to almost 115K–my first pass always ends up longer because I’m a chronic underwriter for setting and description. My rough drafts always focus on character and dialogue with just enough plot to string everything together, and it turns out #srn had some serious plot holes and a wonky ending. Not anymore!

Reading: I worked hard, but I let myself have time to relax. I read seventeen books. (I did mostly give up playing video games, but I was reading a lot of very excellent books instead.)

Everything else: I’m running. I’m eating more fruits and veg and fewer junky snacks. I’m sleeping well, except for when the heat is NUTS. I won’t bore you with more detail than that.

So, July Goals:

  1. Read up on the beta process. My method for the first three books I published got increasingly difficult as my dedicated betas from book one dried up by book three. I intend to use BetaBooks, but that’s just by word-of-mouth recommendation: I haven’t done any real investigation to see if that’s my best option, I may go another route.
  2. Set up the beta and find readers!
  3. Start a new book. Yeah, good old nose-to-the-grindstone drafting process: I don’t expect to put out a huge wordcount on this while managing the beta as well, but I also know I can’t spend all my time obsessing over the feedback, or waiting for it. I’ve got to have something new to work on.
  4. The Reading Frenzy’s July Circus-a-thon Challenge! I’m reading Anansi Boys right now.

Bonus for productivity: my husband’s going to be away for a week, while I’m at home. I’ll miss him, but I intend to get so. much. done.without our usual daily routine in place.

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