Getting Serious About Series #4

One of my reading goals for 2019 has been to knock some of these off the list; I’ve made some serious progress so far, but I still have quite a ways to go because at one point, my total number of incomplete series was over twenty, and the number of first-in-series books I own on top of that is substantial.

Halfway through the year, how am I doing?

Trying to keep this organized from update to update is a challenge, but as before, completed series from last time have been removed, completed series this time will gain strike-through, items that changed categories will be in blue, and new entries will be added in red.

Both Started and Finished Since the Last Time I Posted

  • [nothing this time around]

Waiting for the Next Book to Be Published (still)

I Own Them/Can Borrow Them From the Library But Haven’t Read Them All Yet [read/total]

  • Preacher: 1/9 (Garth Ennis)
  • Saga: 2/9 (Brian K Vaughan, Fiona Staples)
  • Starbound: 2/3 (Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner)
  • Pivot Point: 1/2 (Kasie West) [didn’t realize there was a sequel when I read the first one]
  • The Edge: 1/4 (Ilona Andrews)

I Own Some But Not All [read/unread/unowned]

I’ve Read the Ones I Own But Not the Rest [read/unowned]

I Own The First One (or More) But Haven’t Started Yet

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