This Week, I Read… (2019 #38)

125 - The Bride of the Wolf

#125 – Bride of the Wolf, by Abigail Barnette

  • Read: 9/12/19 – 9/13/19
  • Challenge: Mount TBR (80/100); The Reading Frenzy’s “Back to School” Readathon
  • Task: A book featuring magic (or brown on the cover)
  • Rating: 2/5 stars

One of Barnette’s earlier works, which I picked up when she reacquired the rights and republished it. It definitely shows that she wasn’t as far along her journey as an author–it was blander than I expected from her.

The novella format was large enough for the abbreviated love story she was telling–this is definitely InstaLove here–but not really to encompass the premise that her tidbits of world-building hinted at. A medieval-era Britain where werewolves were not only real, but were living (somewhat) freely beside humans and were incorporated into the feudal power structure? I want to see more of that world! But it’s mere window dressing for a “I’m kidnapping you to save you from something worse” romance plot that doesn’t do a lot to develop either the world in any more depth, or even its own main characters.

I see there’s a second work in the series, novel-length this time, and it’s about Henry, a side character from this novella whom I liked, at least as much as I could given the small amount of page time he got. But as tempting as that would normally be, I’m just not convinced it’s going to be enough better to give a try.

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